Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Starter kit

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Starter kit
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    The easiest indoor gardening solution in the market. The Smart Garden 9 is a self-watering garden that takes care of plants automatically by making sure they always have enough water, light, and nutrients. Grow any plant with zero effort! ?This garden allows growing 9 plants simultaneously. Despite the technology involved, plants are grown naturally and no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones or any other harmful substances are used.? It has a premium high-quality finish and a modular lamp arm. The Starter Kit includes 9 plant capsules to start growing immediately.Fill the TankPower upEnjoyThe main features in the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9: LED Grow Light The lamp is designed specifically for faster germination and growth. It provides the optimum spectra at 10,000 lux. Built-in Timer The built-in time makes sure the perfect amount of light is on for about 16 hours each day and off for 8 so you can enjoy your sleep. justerbar lamp height Lamp height is easily adjustable with extension arms (included in the package). Professional-Grade seeds Only the best, professional-grade seeds are used in our refills. With 100% germination rate no sees are wasted. Smart soil Our gardens feature a patented nano-material called the Smart-Soil that automatically releases nutrients oxygen and waters your plants helping them thrive. Low energy consumption Consumes a mere 66kW and $9 of electricity per year. Self-watering tank Waters plants automatically. Holds up to one month of water supply. Available in 3 colors: White, Dark Gray, and Mellow Beige. The Smart Garden 9 comes with a complimentary set of plant capsules: 3x Mini tomato, 3x Basil & 3x Lettuce Featured in: ? ?? ? ????? ? ? ?? ??


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