Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Start kit

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Start kit
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    For those who love gardening and have limited space, the click and grow smart garden kit is for you. The Smart Garden takes care of plants automatically by making sure they have enough water, light, and nutrients at all times.? Our specially developed Smart Soil and built-in sensors make sure plants get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients so your plants thrive with zero effort. No pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances are used.? With a modular lamp arm, updated LED's and a sleek design, this is the ultimate self-growing garden. The kit comes with 3 complementary basil's so you can start growing now by simply: Inserting the capsules Our plant capsules are biodegradable and contain no harmful chemicals. The plastic cups and covers used for the plant capsules are usable and should be thrown away. Add water The Smart Garden has a 1.2L/40oz water tank, which holds enough water for a whole month. Plug it in Thanks to its energy efficient LED lighting system, the Smart Garden only consumes 6W of power. Energy efficient LED lamp The Smart Garden?s adjustable and energy efficient LED lamp furnishes plants with enhanced light spectra that spur growth. Thanks to the lamp's improved modular construction, there's no limit to how tall your plants can grow. Smart soil technology Click and Grow uses NASA inspired technology. The smart soil provides the optimal environment for plant growth without compromising the quality. The smart soil releases nutrients in sync with the plant's life cycle and keeps the pH of the soil balanced, and employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee the plants get ample breathing room and nutrients even when the soil is wet. Sustainable and cheaper way of growing plants The smart soil used in the smart garden enables efficient regeneration and growth of your plants. This, in turn, enables you to use them for a longer period of time. The click and grow smart garden, in the long run, becomes a more sustainable, money saver and cheaper way of growing your plants. Grow any plants of your choice Choose from a variety of pre-seeded plant capsules or get our experimental refill and grow anything you'd like. You can select from our wide selection of herbs: such as basil, oregano, sage, parsley, flowers: lavender, or fruits, that you can enjoy all year round. Featured in: ? ?? ? ????? ? ? ?? ?? ?


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